NE 13th Ave and South Shore Rd Pipe Replacement Project

A pipe connecting a ditch located to the north of NE South Shore Road has been clogged for many years. This pipe drains to the NE 13th Avenue drainage system, which consists of roadway ditches and driveway culverts. The clogged pipe has resulted in flooding of private properties in the vicinity of the pipe. The Peninsula Drainage District #2 (PEN2) Board of Supervisors instructed MCDD staff to conduct temporary pumping into the drainage system between NE...

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NE 13th Ave Pump Station: Discharge Line Rehabilitation

There are two discharge lines (a section of piping systems) from the 13th Avenue Pump Station that feed into the Columbia Slough. The goal of this project is to extend the useful life and reliability of the discharge lines for approximately 10 more years.   The discharge lines have visual inflections (bends or structural flaws) and the slope supporting the pipes has eroded into the lower Columbia Slough which requires stabilization and reconstruction to support the...

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Pump Station #1 Trash Rakes Replacement

Project Description Trash rakes are key infrastructure that help to reduce flooding behind the levee system by removing debris and waste from the Columbia Slough before it enters our pump stations.   The existing trash rake system at the MCDD campus was installed outside of Pump Station #1 (PS1) in 1998 and has reached the end of its service life. Frequent equipment failures cause these raking systems to shut down during heavy rainstorms, which often causes our...

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SDIC Drainage Master Plan

In partnership with the City of Troutdale, the Sandy Drainage Improvement Company (SDIC) is developing a Drainage Master Plan to guide future capital projects and drainage priorities over the next 15-20 years. The plan will evaluate the condition of pipes, drainage ditches, and pump stations that collect and direct rain water in order to identify areas that need improvement and prioritize future investments to better prevent and manage flooding for communities in this area. The...

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The Columbia River Treaty

FLOOD MITIGATION AND THE COLUMBIA RIVER TREATY The Columbia River Treaty (CRT) is an international agreement for water cooperation, governing the upper Columbia River Basin flows for both flood control and power generation. Largely created in response to devastating floods, the 1964 Treaty urged for future flood mitigation strategies that protect property and the well-being of communities along the river. This led to the construction of three large storage reservoirs in British Columbia and one in...

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US Army Corps tours the Portland Metro Levee System

US Army Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study

A Pathway to Modernizing our Levee System

As we have worked to identify funding sources to help modernize our flood safety infrastructure,  we discovered the best pathway to secure federal funding for levee improvements is to partner with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on a “New Start Feasibility Study.”

In mid-2018, after advocating for several years with our Levee Ready Columbia (LRC) partners, Congress designated a...

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