NE 13th Ave and South Shore Rd Pipe Replacement Project

A pipe connecting a ditch located to the north of NE South Shore Road has been clogged for many years. This pipe drains to the NE 13th Avenue drainage system, which consists of roadway ditches and driveway culverts. The clogged pipe has resulted in flooding of private properties in the vicinity of the pipe. The Peninsula Drainage District #2 (PEN2) Board of Supervisors instructed MCDD staff to conduct temporary pumping into the drainage system between NE...

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NE 13th Ave Pump Station: Discharge Line Rehabilitation

There are two discharge lines (a section of piping systems) from the 13th Avenue Pump Station that feed into the Columbia Slough. The goal of this project is to extend the useful life and reliability of the discharge lines for approximately 10 more years.   The discharge lines have visual inflections (bends or structural flaws) and the slope supporting the pipes has eroded into the lower Columbia Slough which requires stabilization and reconstruction to support the...

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