NE 13th Ave and South Shore Rd Pipe Replacement Project


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NE 13th Ave and South Shore Rd Pipe Replacement Project

A pipe connecting a ditch located to the north of NE South Shore Road has been clogged for many years. This pipe drains to the NE 13th Avenue drainage system, which consists of roadway ditches and driveway culverts. The clogged pipe has resulted in flooding of private properties in the vicinity of the pipe. The Peninsula Drainage District #2 (PEN2) Board of Supervisors instructed MCDD staff to conduct temporary pumping into the drainage system between NE South Shore and Faloma roads beginning in the winter of 2015 through spring of 2018 to address localized seasonal flooding.

MCDD and Environmental Services staff identified the cause of the blockage as a large tree root and broken pipe. The pipe is also undersized, and the elevated pipe entrance creates ponding conditions. MCDD and Environmental Services are now coordinating efforts to replace approximately 300 feet of storm pipe on NE 13th Avenue at NE South Shore Road. The current location is not feasible due to the tree roots, which is why the proposed design is adjacent to the existing pipe.

Project Timeline

This project is in the design phase. Construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2021. A detailed timeline and other project information will be posted online when it becomes available.


The existing pipe is blocked at several locations and has backed up water into the neighborhood. This storm pipe replacement will increase system capacity and relieve neighborhood flooding.

Project Manager

Mackenna Bell

More Information

Please visit the City of Portland project page to sign up for periodic updates on the progress of this project:


October 28, 2020

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